How to inform users of your products and/or services, inform them and finally, convince them to buy?

How to convince even the most demanding customers, how to steer hesitant buyers and affect changes in entrenched habits of buyers?

How to display products in the most attractive way, which is at the same time simplest and understandable to the user?

How to adapt, to the greatest extent, advertising of a particular product/service to the individual media?

With creative ads, that are tailored to each form of advertising.


Traditional media side by side with non-traditional media

Established traditional media offers to advertisers a lot of potential consumers. But the high number of ads in these mediums make visibility and efficiency impossible for advertisers, in addition to that, consumers become overloaded and remember fewer ads.

Therefore, for targeted advertising, the use of creative ad formats and locations for advertising in non-traditional media is increasing (toilets, floor advertising, handles on petrol stations, ...).

Non-traditional media is used as a support medium to reach those people who cannot be reached by traditional media as well as drawing support for their message.

Digital media

Digital media is fully geared towards specific groups of people and creates the relationships between advertiser and consumer. This is a media that really tries to get to know the consumer best and satisfy the needs of individuals or specific groups as well as monitor the consumer, so to speak, at every step. They recognise what consumers want to know, what content they are interested in, and which ads attract their attention and, by that, they use the data which is collected to form the basis for putting forward advertising content that is tailor-made for them (Content Advertising).


In all forms of advertising, it is important that the advertising message that particular brand or company wants to communicate is adjusted according to the media. If the message is in contrary to the values of a certain media, advertising through this media will not be credible, and will likely not be effective, no matter what the scope of this media is or how frequently the ad is placed within this medium.