Corporate identity

Corporate identity

Corporate identity - A Step Towards Recognition

Corporate Identity (CI for short), is the cornerstone for building the image or images of a company or brand. It is important for identity and recognition in the market. On a symbolic level, it represents the company's values, goals and activities. Corporate identity is an important factor of communication with target groups that we want to address.

With a modern and attractive image of printed materials, website, packaging, and generally all means of communication, business or brand, we show who we are, what kind of message we want to communicate, whom we want to address, and what is our attitude towards the public.

Effective in the Market

The basic element of the corporate identity is the logo. A logo consists of a symbol and a verbal part. It is composed of a typical distinctive style of typography and distinctive colours. Graphical guidelines prescribe all the typical graphic elements: a primary and secondary style of typography, the primary and secondary colours are set as well as the layout and the correlation between graphic elements and possible symbolic images that can also be an integral part of the characteristic appearance of a company or brand.

Proper positioning and combining of all these elements in the visual communication media (business card, letterheads, invoices, envelopes, folders, presentational and promotional materials - in short, all printed materials and other means of communication) unite together to form a successful, integrated, and recognisable image of a company or brand.

Let's show that we care how people see us.

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