About graphic design

Graphic Design

Graphic design is a very important branch in the process of addressing the target audience and it is crucial in how to keep the addressed engaged, which later leads to the desired goal, whether it is a purchase or some other kind of interaction between the provider and the purchaser or beneficiary of the services.

Why do we need graphic design?

Basically, because people first perceive with their eyes. In memory, we imprint images that we like, those that affect our emotions. That’s exactly what graphic design makes sure of - it arouses interest and desire. It arranges that the printed matter, websites and other information media offer a pleasant, pleasing view of the given content.

Visual image

Graphic design is a visual artistic creation of all kinds of printed materials. It is the design of the visual image of all printed communication means of companies, promotional materials, informational printed media, printed information and education media.

It builds on the expression of various art and graphic elements (colours, symbols, photographs, the typography of fonts ...), through which we can best present the message that someone wants to communicate to a specific audience. With the help of colours, symbols, pictorial images ... we make an impact on emotions and the human unconscious as discussed in a new branch of research – Neuro-marketing. At the same time, it provides the information and thereby contributes to the decisions of what people will buy, which service they will use, or with whom they will cooperate.

graphic design