OLIVO Isothermal containers

OLIVO isothermal containers for the cooling and refrigeration of products during transport

Why use isothermal containers:

  • The perfect solution for efficient cold chain transportation.
  • Saves time and money.
  • The transport of containers can be coordinated simultaneously with other products.
  • Simple manipulation.
  • Long operational lifetime.
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Different dimensions and capacities.
  • Suitable for food and non-food products.

Saving time and money

With isothermal containers, the transport of refrigerated and frozen products at a controlled temperature is substantially faster and more efficient. You will especially save time and money with the containers’ simple manipulations as well as their easy loading and unloading capabilities. Isothermal containers are designed so that their use is environmentally friendly.

Isothermal containers’ characteristics

Transport of isothermal containers is possible with freight or passenger cars without spending additional energy for refrigerated freight cars and/or refrigerated vehicles. They can be transported right next to other products, those that do not need to be cooled, all in the same vehicle. They maintain a constant temperature for up to 24 hours or more, so food or other products remain fresh or frozen during the whole transport.

OLIVO Isothermal containers have a long life and very low maintenance costs. They operate quietly, which enables delivery at night.

Transportation with isothermal containers

Isothermal containers are suitable for:

  • Production - food, pharmaceutical, chemical, biotech, ...
  • Storage - of all sizes and complexity.
  • Transportation - domestic or international.
  • Trade - retail, wholesale, pharmacy, ...
  • Hotels and restaurants - bars, restaurants, snack bars, cafes, hotels, schools, ...

Isothermal containers are suitable for the transportation of food products (meat, fish products, dairy products, tinned products, bakery products, fruits, vegetables) and non-food products (those from the pharmaceutical and chemical industries, technical products, dry ice, health sector products e.g. vaccines, etc.).

Various cooling systems during transport

The selection of a suitable cooling system will ensure optimal temperature for your products throughout the logistics chain. Options available for cooling are cooling plates, dry ice, and the innovative SIBER system.

  • Cooling plates –provide cooling of the isothermal container suitable for chilled and frozen products and it allows one to maintain a constant temperature for 24 hours or more. There is a number of models and sizes of plates with different characteristics available - for the best solution.

  • The cryogenic system (dry ice), - maintaining the temperature of the dry ice. The usage of dry ice is a very effective coolant, due to its low sublimation temperature (-78.5 ° C), and it proves most effective for the transportation of frozen products within the isothermal container. Dry ice may be in various forms (snow, beads, rods, etc.).

  • The SIBER system - is a patented system for OLIVO isothermal containers. It ensures a maintained temperature for 24 hours or more for the entire logistics chain. It is suitable for sensitive fresh products and frozen products. The SIBER System is a semi-automatic system with liquid CO2, which is, via injection gun, injected into the reservoir of the isothermal container. The system can be equipped with a control unit which automatically calculates the appropriate amount of the injection of dry ice depending on the volume of the container, the duration of the transport, the product and the external temperature. It enables the optimal use of liquid CO2.

Isothermal (insulated) containers of various dimensions and capacities

  • The insulated ROLL container with a front opening - provides the perfect solution for the transport of products at controlled temperatures, especially in the food industry. Due to its reliability and ease of use, they are the perfect solution for the distribution of products which are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. They provide optimal control of temperature throughout the logistics chain. There is a wide range of different sizes and capacities of insulated ROLL containers from 130 litres to 1400 litres, which allow the optimum utilisation of space during transportation.

  • The insulated BAC container with an opening top - is suitable for the storage of both food and non-food products at a controlled temperature. They are characterised by their high quality and reliability. Excellent insulation meets the high demands of temperature-sensitive products. A wide variety of capacities from 35 litres to 400 litres enables a selection of the correct dimensions according to one’s need. Various upgrade options allow one to further customise their insulated BAC container.

Dimensions of all insulated containers are in accordance with the standard European dimensions for transport. They are produced in accordance with EU standards and meet all sanitary requirements.

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OLIVO isothermal containers